is cbd creams and oil legal in Tennessee


Marijuana is no longer classified in Tennessee as a controlled substance but rather as an industrial plant, thanks to SB-2495 and HB-2445 of 2014 if the drug has less than 0.3% of THC content. Those who wish to grow and distribute the plant in the state can benefit from a licensing mechanism created by the law.


Commonly sought strains, legal provisions relating to CBD oil and CBD cream and modes of buying the drug in Tennessee are all covered in this essay.


Commonly Sought Strains In Tennessee


Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde obtained through crossing Super lemoin haze and Sour Strawberry comes from the breeding ground of The Farm Genetics and features Sativa-dominance. The strain has a fruity profile with the flavor of Citrus akin to Super Lemon Haze and sourness of Sour Strawberry. When it matures the plant is characterized by a profusion of buds with a strong smell that pervades one’s senses. The effect is quick while boasting potency and euphoria, and the user experiences a swift combination of inspiration and creativity that gradually wanes into calmness.


Mountain Thunder

This strain that features Sativa-dominance has a gently euphoric effect on the user even as it stimulates creativity. Mad Cow and Sour Bubble have been crossed to produce this strain that comes from the breeding ground of The Farm Genetics. Mountain Thunder has a dominant proportion of Cannabigerol content that helps nullify side effects that cause anxiety. With a piney flavor that refreshes, the strain has greenish buds covered with amber-colored hair. The strain is known to spark creativity and motivation in the user.


Recreational Marijuana Usage In Tennessee

As it is categorized as a substance under Schedule VI, possession of even half an ounce of adult-use cannabis is unlawful and can result in imprisonment for 12 months in addition to a fine of $2,500. However, a third possession is no longer a felony, thanks to HB-1478.


Medical Marijuana Laws In Tennessee

SB-280 in 2015 made it lawful to possess or consume CBD oil and CBD cream bought in another state provided the user has a recommendation of the issuing state or written proof of buying. Additionally, THC content must not exceed 0.9%. More than 30 cannabis-related bills failed to get approval during the legislative sessions of 2017 and 2018. A Medical Cannabis Act has been proposed to allow obtention of cannabis to treat patients with debilitating ailments under a program to be regulated by the state. Recent polls showed that more than 80% of the state’s residents support a medicinal marijuana program.


CBD Oil and CBD Cream Laws In Tennessee

Cannabis with a THC content of less than 0.3% is no longer classified as a controlled substance. Instead, it is called an industrial plant, thanks to SB-2495/HB-2445 passed in 2014. HB-2032 in 2016 allowed higher education institutions to grow industrial hemp for research purposes; such institutions had to offer either a baccalaureate or a post-graduate program in agricultural sciences. As per the law, individuals who wish to grow and distribute the drug in the state can apply for licenses.


Where to Buy CBD Oil and CBD Cream In Tennessee

Among the South-Eastern states, Tennessee is considered to have the widest spread of retailers of CBD oil and CBD cream products, whether in Pigeon Forge, or Memphis, or Nashville, with the most reliable ones being Mellow Vape and Precious Vapes in Madison, Blown Away in Memphis, The Juice Bar in Decherd, and The Vape Hut in Paris. Buying online is also a great option for delivery of a quality product to a resident’s doorstep.



Cannabis with less than 0.3% of THC content is now considered an industrial plant and not a controlled substance in Tennessee, owing to the passage of SB-2495 and HB-2445 in 2014. Thanks again to the law, individuals who wish to cultivate and distribute hemp in the state may do so after obtaining a license. More than 30 bills favoring medical cannabis failed to get approval after they were presented during the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions. About 81% of the state’s residents favor legalization of medicinal cannabis, according to a recent poll. Adult-use marijuana is a classified substance under Schedule VI, and possession of up to half an ounce can lead to jail time of a year plus a fine of $2,500.