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Benefits, Coupons, and Reviews of CBD Rubs 

Understanding What CBD Is

CBD is a fully natural, non-psychoactive aspect of the industrial hemp plant it also comes from the Cannabis plant.

It happens to be one of the 80 active cannabinoids that tends to affect various immune and brain receptors that are found in the body’s endocannabinoid.CBD has been found to have a large impact on a variety of symptoms, chronic health conditions, and acute conditions.


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The Benefits Of CBD Topical Rub

CBD infused rub can be used for a wide variety of ailments that may be causing you pain. If you use a CBD oil for a sore muscle, you will feel relief throughout your body, but the muscle that is causing the pain may not relax and will continue to ache. However, if you apply CBD Pain rub to that same muscle, all of the pain-relieving efforts will be focused on that specific area.

Look at it this way, would you rather take an aspirin for a sore muscle or get a massage? Of course, the aspirin will give you some overall relief from the pain, yet the muscle will remain tight and sore. Whereas a massage focuses on that individual muscle and allows it to relax and be free of pain.

Anxiety Relief

CBD may also offer the ability to help manage your anxiety. Researchers believe that it can alter the way your brain responds to serotonin, the chemical that is linked to mental health. The receptors are tiny proteins that are attached to the cells that receive chemical messages which in turn respond to various stimuli. The CBD topical rub can help relieve anxiety by:

– Decreasing the physiological effects of anxiety such as a fast heart rate.

– Reducing stress.

– Helps to allow for sleep in cases of insomnia.

– Improves the symptoms of (PSTD) or post-traumatic stress disorder.


In the past, CBD oil made headlines as a possible treatment for individuals with epilepsy. However, it is important to understand that research is still in early development. Researchers are studying how much CBD needs to be used in order to reduce the number of seizures in individuals with epilepsy as well as the overall safety. The American Epilepsy Society has stated that through cannabidiol research it is possible to find hope for those suffering from seizure disorders.

Pain Relief

In addition, the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) rub on the receptors in your brain may help to manage pain. Several studies have shown that cannabis can help offer several benefits after chemotherapy treatments. Other studies that have been sponsored by the National Institutes of Health have analyzed the role of cannabis with the relief of symptoms caused by:

– Arthritis

– Chronic Pain

– Muscle Pain

– MS Pain

– Spinal Cord

Nabizimols is a drug for multiple sclerosis created from a combination of CBD and THC which has been approved to treat pain from MS in Canada and the United Kingdom. Researchers believe that the CBD contained within the drug may be contributing more due to its anti-inflammatory properties than actually helping with the pain.


CBD on the receptors located in the immune system has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. In addition, CBD topical rubs may have some benefits for acne management. The rub can help to prevent overactivity in the sebaceous glands. These are the glands that produce sebum, a naturally occurring oily substance that helps to hydrate the skin. However, too much sebum can lead to acne.

It is important to discuss the effects of CBD oil for acne treatment with your dermatologist before starting.

CBD-infused rub has offered relief to those dealing with arthritis and joint pain, back, and knee pain, as well as muscle aches. Some forms of CBD rub have been supplemented with other agents like Menthol to provide a more therapeutic experience.

How To Use A CBD Topical Rub

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant in the form of an oil or powder. From this, it can be mixed in with gels or creams. Then it can be placed in capsules to be either taken orally or through the skin as a cream. The multiple sclerosis drug nabiximols that we talked of earlier is sprayed into the mouth in the form of a liquid.

A CBD infused rub will go quite a long way. Depending upon your level of pain, a single scoop of a CBD pain rub should be more than enough to help alleviate the pain. However, if you are dealing with an extreme amount of pain, more may be needed. Many experts recommend using CBD pain rub up to four times per day.

There have been no known side effects from the use of CBD creams. We all know how bad it is to feel pain. Regardless of whether it is a chronic or acute pain, it can truly lower one’s quality of life. Up until just recently, the only solution for pain that would not go away was through the use of dangerous opioids. Typically, we have seen that these types of drugs cause many more problems than the original one. Thankfully, many people are finding that there is a non-addictive treatment available for them in the form of a Cannabidiol rub.

Overall Summary

Understand that CBD oil can also be used for a wide variety of skin ailments. It has been shown to relieve the symptoms of rashes, psoriasis, skin infections, burns, and eczema. CBD is one of the best forms of a natural alternative for these ailments. Considering that most Cannabidiol rubs have some essential oils in them, they do provide more medicinal qualities as opposed to simply soothing the skin.






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Main ingredients are CBD-rich hemp oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, olive oil, chamomile, cinnamon, vitamin E, distilled water, citric acid, and blood orange essential oil.

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