CBD Cream can help with eczema

Using CBD Topical Cream For Eczema

According to medical research, 31.9 million Americans have eczema [1]. Plus, a significant portion of these 31.9 million sufferers deals with dermatitis [1]. With so many individuals navigating through the ordeals of such a difficult skin condition, it’s time to look at potential treatment options. Several medications have been released onto the open market, but most aren’t able to provide substantial relief.

However, CBD topical creams are noted for offering a wide array of advantages when it comes to treating eczema.

Whether it is mild or major, eczema can have a devastating impact on one’s quality of life. It can become difficult to lead a normal life without being worried about irritating the skin or breaking out. With the help of a CBD infused cream for eczema, it’s possible to regain control over your life and make the most of each day.

Here is more on eczema, CBD creams, how they work, and their advantages.


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What is Eczema?

Let’s begin by understanding the nuances of eczema and its symptoms.

Eczema refers to a series of symptoms including inflamed skin, rashes, scaly skin patches, and general dryness [2]. A patient displaying these particular symptoms is often diagnosed with eczema by their dermatologist. The rashes tend to have a pattern, which is noted by where they first appear. These rashes may appear inside the elbows, inside of the knees, on your hands/ feet, or the face.

This condition doesn’t pop up in a particular age group and is seen in people of all ages. However, it’s important to note, a larger portion of the 31.9 million American patients are children and young adults.

Each case varies, and only a dermatologist can determine where a patient’s condition ranks (mild or severe). In the worst case scenario, a patient may state the rashes are aggressively painful, itchy, and a serious irritant. As a result, the area tends to be scratched and becomes swollen/tender. It’s important to note; this is usually only seen in patients with a severe form of eczema. This can also result in a lack of self-confidence because of the physical appearance of these sores, rashes, and irritated patches of skin.

Before looking at the value of using a CBD cream for eczema, it’s also best to think about the cause of these skin-related outbreaks. What causes people to get eczema in the first place? In general, researchers state there is no serious evidence associated with a particular cause for eczema [2]. Therefore, it might have to do with particular lotions, perfumes, fabrics, environmental conditions and how they connect back with a person’s genetic disposition [2].

Patients do note having issues with specific foods, which can lead to flare-ups. This can vary based on the patient’s particular case as some may flare up after eating fish while others can’t handle eggs.

Understanding CBD

CBD refers to a particular chemical compound (one of 104 compounds), which is found in the cannabis plant [3]. This compound can be extracted and converted into CBD oil, which is then used for other products (i.e., CBD creams).

It’s important to note CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and is not the same as THC. This means it cannot have mind-altering effects as one would generally assume with cannabis. However, it will provide a multitude of advantages including helping with eczema-related symptoms.

Cannabidiol creams have been considered an option for treating eczema because the compound is known for helping regulate a person’s body. This has to do with the body’s endocannabinoid system. When it is not functioning properly, the body may not be able to get rid of toxins or release healthy oils, which ruins the skin’s appearance and texture. Most people start to notice a drop in the quality of their skin whether it has to do with itchiness, dryness, or serious conditions such as eczema.

Cannabidiol creams can help alleviate some of the eczema-related symptoms patients have to deal with. This has to do with the high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are known for helping improve the skin’s condition, and that can immediately help with the inflammation and itchiness. Over time, people have started to realize the potency of this organic solution and what it can do for the human body when used properly.

Benefits of a CBD Cream for Eczema

* Alleviates Irritation

* Helps control endocannabinoid system

* Alleviates Inflammation

* Reduces and Eradicates Inflammation

* Soothes Reddened Regions of the Skin

* All Natural

* No Side Effects


Why are CBD Creams Better to Treat Eczema?

CBD Creams work better to treat eczema because they interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is a system in the body that controls mood, inflammation and the immune system.
Being able to control or help the immune system is why CBD creams work so well. Eczema flourishes when a person’s immune system is not functioning properly.
CBD creams also work with CB1 receptors, which help serve nerve fibers and skin cells that will help with inflammation in the body.
Controlling the immune system and CB1 receptors is something unique in a natural product and is the main reasons why CBD works so well on eczema compared to over the counter drugs and the best part it has no side effects.

Want to know how to use CBD cream for this skin condition?

In this case, there are many different options a patient may have when it comes to eczema. A CBD-infused cream is a wonderful idea as it can be applied directly to the skin and those problem areas. Pinpoint those areas and gently apply the CBD cream on those spots. It’s important to let the cream sit for a few minutes, so it is able to soak in and provide long-term benefits.

If the Cannabidiol cream isn’t allowed to settle in, it might not have the desired effect. This has to be kept in mind while making use of this potent solution. Over time, the symptoms are going to start to disappear, and that’s when your quality of life is going to improve. Don’t be afraid to increase the dosage, if it doesn’t work in the beginning. Each person is going to be different and subtle changes go a long way in nourishing the skin.

Remember, you do not have to get a prescription for CBD topical creams and can purchase it online. Make sure to find the right CBD cream that’s certified and proven to work based on similar cases around the world. The best brands are going to stand out and showcase why they get the job done.

Start with the right CBD cream and notice an immediate uptick in your quality of life and general well-being. Eczema-related symptoms will slowly become a thing of the past!


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CBD BioCare Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream

CBD BioCare Apple Stem Cell Cream is ranked one of the best for treating Eczema. The reason is its ability to treat damaged skin.

We know one of the causes of Eczema is inflammation in the skin, and the apple stem cell cream has a unique way of fixing the damage to your skin's cells by using CBD and Apple Stem Cells.

Apple stem cells mixed with CBD and their exclusive formula, which also includes:
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Retinol, and a super Peptide.
All these combine to provide an excellent CBD eczema cream.

Please go to CBD BioCare website to read more about there Apple Skin Care Formula. Located here.


  • Unique anti-aging properties that help increase the lifespan of your skin.
  • CBD and Apple Stem Cell formula help repair your skin's cells from eczema.
  • Not only helps with eczema, but it will make your skin look younger over time.


  • Need to use the cream over a period of time to see results.
  • Need to use cream twice a day.
CBDISTILLERY – CBDefine Skin Care Cream

CBD Distillery is one of the first CBD companies to produce a CBD Cream for your skin.
This product from them helps support your skin and provides relief from eczema as well as other skin conditions.

It has many great ingredients besides the CBD that help with skincare. One of the largest in the cream is bee's wax, which has been known to treat many different types of skin ailments for years.

The creams formula also includes grapefruit see extract, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Lavender, Apricot Oil, and a lot more.


  • Non-GMO Hemp Oil
  • Almost all the ingredients are organic and natural.
  • Results are fast, if using twice a day.


  • The cream is a little more expensive than others.
  • Would be nice to have a large container then 500 mg

FABCBD's CBD cream is in our option the best cream on the market.  The way its produced and the CBD oil that is used in this product is the highest quality you can get online today.  Because this cream is so pure and 100% natural ingredients its ability to help relieve inflammation, pain, and itchiness from eczema it is the best we have tried.

Ingredients are: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Optiphen Plus, Cannabidiol, Chamomile, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Cinnamon, Blood Orange Essential Oil.

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More information on CBDFAB Cream


  • It is the most effective CBD cream as far as eczema is concerned.
  • It comes in 600mg and says it has a 12-month self life but i have personally had one open for far longer and still works fine.
  • This cream is so affective that only a few finger scoops are need to see results.


  • As most creams the smell isn't that great.
  • May not be able to travel with it.