Using CBD Cream For Fibromyalgia – Beginners Guide

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that is pervasive among Americans — 10 million or more are said to be afflicted by the condition (source: National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA)). Exhaustion, stiffness, tender areas, pains, and aches are the common characteristics of the condition; in some instances, a sufferer can have sleep-related problems.

While much more research needs to be done on the subject, existing studies on the condition suggest that those afflicted suffer increased levels of sensitivity resulting in pain in varying degrees that could be worsened by stress, among other situations.

In recent decades, drug manufacturers have devised many prescription medicines for use in treating the condition. The majority of these drugs address the pain that sufferers of Fibromyalgia experience as well as the sleep-related problems they endure. Some of these drugs focus on an imbalance in serotonin levels that could the real cause of the condition in some cases.

While some have found these drugs to be effective, a number of patients have suffered negative side effects. In some instances, patients have not experienced any relief after using existing drugs intended to treat Fibromyalgia.

The use of CBD creams, while not intended as a substitute for conventional drugs to treat the condition, has provided relief from pain as well as sleep-related complaints. CBD, a compound sourced from cannabis, is known to be non-psychoactive.


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In this article, I have provided much more information about CBD creams that can help treat sufferers of Fibromyalgia.

Let’s take a look at study findings on the subject:

Do CBD Creams Work for Fibromyalgia?

Note: The FDA has not yet approved the use of CBD for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. But that does not negate research findings that reveal therapeutic benefits CBD can give sufferers of the condition.

We will first consider research findings related to the curative properties of CBD in relation to sleep and pain, problems that haunt sufferers of fibromyalgia. We will also look at Fibromyalgia and CBD relate to each other.

CBD and Pain: Findings

Research findings related to CBD focus on how the drug relies on the natural endocannabinoid of the body in treating inflammation and pain, of both the nociceptive and neuropathic types.

Robust findings have resulted from several empirical studies done on CBD and pain.

CBD and Sleep: Findings

Fibromyalgia sufferers not only suffer pain but also have to contend with a lack of quality sleep. Study findings have shown that CBD can be used to alleviate pain as well as sleeplessness.

For instance, patients who have been using Sativex®, a drug sourced from cannabis with an equal proportion of THC and CBD, to treat other conditions have also benefited from improved sleep. Some research findings have also shown that sufferers of PTSD have enjoyed better sleep after using CBD.

On the flip side, CBD has had a wake-inducing effect on other users. We may need more studies done to establish the link between CBD and sleep. In fact, individuals have reportedly experienced varying effects of CBD.

CBD and Fibromyalgia: Findings

While studies have established that CBD has a pain-reducing effect, there is a need for more research on the relationship between CBD and Fibromyalgia.

Let’s take a look at existing research findings:

The National Pain Foundation published a survey in 2014 that effectively demonstrated that cannabis has an analgesic benefit for sufferers of Fibromyalgia.

In fact, the study — which had a sample of 1,300 Fibromyalgia sufferers – showed that the three prescription drugs that the FDA had approved for treatment of Fibromyalgia were far less effective at treating the symptoms of the ailment than is medical marijuana.

Furthermore, Savella, Lyrica and Cymbalia, chief among the drugs prescribed by the FDA to treat the ailment, were said by respondents to result in negative side effects.

2018 Survey of Israeli Fibro Sufferers:

Israel also conducted a survey — with 383 respondents — to study the effect of medical marijuana on the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The study findings were very positive: while 94% of respondents claimed the drug gave them relief from pain, 93% said it helped them sleep better, and 62% claimed that it alleviated anxiety. very few respondents, if any, reported negative side effects.

We must, however, concede that clinical trials carry more weight than surveys. However, there are hardly any funded clinical trials, and sufferers of pain have shown willingness to treat their pain with a CBD cream as it is said to be free of adverse effects.

However, CBD creams differ from medical marijuana in some fundamental ways. CBD creams do not have THC that is contained in medical marijuana and plays a role in pain-relief while inducing a “high.”

Only trace amounts of THC are found in CBD creams, hardly enough to induce a “high.” Pure CBD is among the hundred and more cannabinoids found in cannabis but hardly any studies have been done on the use of the compound to treat Fibromyalgia.

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) and Pharmaceutical Research

Even in the absence of adequate research in the medical industry, a direct relation has been shown to exist between Fibromyalgia and the endocannabinoid system, which has also been shown effective in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome and migraines, among other conditions.

GW Pharmaceuticals, a globally renowned manufacturer of drugs — such as Epidiolex® and Sativex® — sourced form medical marijuana, commissioned a major research initiative in 2008 that demonstrated common biochemical and clinical patterns that these conditions shared with CECD. The existence of such a connection has been corroborated by subsequent studies.


The FDA awaits confirmation from the DEA to ratify the FDA’s approval of Epidiolex® — a THC-free drug that has proved effective in its treatment of two rare types of childhood epilepsy by reducing seizures related to the conditions. Incidentally, those forms of epilepsy did not respond to other forms of treatment. The medical industry is optimistic that the DEA will communicate its approval to reschedule CBD, one of the cannabinoids sourced from cannabis.


An oral spray with an equal proportion of THC and CBD sourced from marijuana, Sativex® has found approval in 21 countries other than the USA as a treatment for muscle spasticity suffered by sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid found in cannabis that is responsible for the “high” that recreational users of marijuana crave. However, this psychoactive compound is also responsible for some healing properties of cannabis.

The DEA has ensured that THC is strictly scheduled in this country; consequently, the FDA has not yet approved THC. Sadly, alleviating patients’ symptoms appears to be lower on the list of priorities than the fear that users of THC cannabis may get “high.”

But how does all this affect the use of CBD to treat Fibromyalgia?

The FDA and DEA should look at two major findings that became obvious in the research done by GW Pharmaceuticals.

Given that the development of pharmaceutical drugs is hindered by the sheer expense that research and clinical trials entail, the FDA and DEA must recognize the benefit to patients suffering from specific conditions from the cannabis-related products developed by GW Pharmaceuticals. Apart from the expense and time that such research would entail, lack of approval to all but a few companies to conduct such research is also a hindrance.

Furthermore, the association of cannabis with criminality and fear in the current culture in the U.S. results in sufferers of medical conditions being denied access by regulatory bodies to medications that can alleviate their conditions.

As a result, the country has been pushed into another crisis, that of addiction to opioids, a drug that doctors prescribe when they are bribed to do so. The sad result is the death of tens of thousands and the destruction of the several more.

It is no surprise then to find that sufferers of Fibromyalgia seek the natural and legal choice to use CBD creams to alleviate their symptoms, while reducing dependence on pain killers such as addictive opioids.

Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Sufferers of Fibromyalgia who live in a state where the use of medical marijuana is legal will be happy to learn that the drug is commonly being prescribed by doctors to treat the condition.

But you are likely to be hindered by the expensive and time-consuming process of getting approval. The fact that insurance companies are averse to covering the treatment or the visits to doctors for prescriptions of the drug makes the process even more difficult.

The 2014 farm bill made it federally legal to grow industrial hemp. CBD creams are sourced from the plant; the plant and its derivative products are legally required to contain less than 0.3% of THC.

Thus, you will be happy to learn that all 50 states have made CBD products including creams legal for use without prescription, as they won’t get a user “high.”

However, don’t expect a miraculous cure by using CBD.

While many sufferers of Fibromyalgia have derived pain-relief from using CBD products including CBD creams, clinical trials are needed to corroborate the effectiveness of these drugs beyond doubt.

Note: the FDA is yet to approve CBD for medical use. It is also not a substitute for prescribed medicine. In case you wish to use CBD products including creams in addition to ant=y prescription drugs, consult your doctor as to whether they could interfere with the prescription drugs you currently use.

How Safe are CBD Creams?

An adequate number of tests done reveals that CBD products are not toxic to humans.

On the contrary, current pain treatments are relatively less safe than CBD products. These include NSAIDs among other OTC medications which impart adverse side effects that are long-lasting especially in patients with gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular health issues.

Furthermore, the non-addictive nature of CBD products, including creams, make them an attractive alternative to opioids. In fact, CBD products may prove to be an effective cure for opioid addiction as well.

CBD Effects on Fibromyalgia

It bears repetition that different individuals are likely to have different experiences resulting from the use of CBD products including creams. While some may benefit from the analgesic effects of CBD, others may find the product not quite as effective.

Furthermore, while some have found a stable dosage to work for them, others have resorted to increasing their dosage of CBD to sustain the same effectiveness.

Additionally, CBD products appear to have an immediate beneficial effect on some, while on others, the effects are noticeable after a longer period of use.

CBD Dosage for Fibromyalgia

Various factors help determine the ideal dosage of CBD, including the mode of use, the physical dimensions of the user, the symptoms they seek to alleviate, and their individual experience in the use of CBD products, including CBD creams.

To be honest, I am not a medical professional. As CBD tends to work differently for different people, I would not venture into suggesting an ideal dosage.

A safe way is to adhere to the instructions on the container. Begin with a small dose and increase it gradually.

Furthermore, seek your doctor’s advice before you use a CBD cream to ensure that there are no adverse interactions of the drug with any other medications you are taking. I would also advise ladies that are either pregnant or nursing not to use CBD until more study findings are made available as to the safety of the products.

Isolate Verses Full Spectrum for Fibromyalgia

CBD products including creams are made from two different types of oil, “full spectrum” and “isolate.”

The “isolate” process involves removal from hemp oil of every cannabinoid or substance except CBD. By contrast, the “full spectrum” process results in the presence of a complete array of cannabinoids.

While industrial hemp is mainly constituted of CBD, such oils will have trace amounts of other cannabinoids including THC though in sufficiently low quantities to pre-empt cognitive damage.

Some study findings have shown that the presence of a range of cannabinoids can have a positive benefit in the form of an entourage effect, or a combined healing effect imparted by the substances working together.

Though we do not have a complete understanding of the entourage effect, a full spectrum course could benefit you, unless you are afraid that trace amounts of THC could show up on a drug test. Alternately you may have a history of intolerance with THC.

The Importance of Finding a Reputable Source of CBD Hemp Oil for Fibromyalgia

With the burgeoning demand for CBD products, consequent to the spread of awareness about its beneficial effects on health, many vendors are intent on profiting from the demand, including several scammers who have been exposed by the media.

Some vendors resort to false advertising of products with a zero component of CBD. In 2017, a study done revealed that only 31% of 84 products tested randomly revealed the amount of CBD advertised by the vendor.

Here’s where I can help you. I have devised this site, aiming to help choose the best producers of CBD products including CBD creams, and differentiate them from fraudulent vendors.

I have written positive as well as negative reviews of products, in keeping with my goal of helping people to stay clear of fraudsters and buy the best CBD products. While choosing the best CBD products I opt for companies who:

* Allow access on their websites to latest lab reports of third-party testers

* Source their products and make them domestically

* Use organic non-GMO hemp

* Use only the best quality nature supplements


CBD Cream for Fibromyalgia Coupon Code

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Conclusion: Is CBD cream good for fibromyalgia?

In the absence of FDA approval for use of CBD in medical treatment, please do not treat CBD products such as creams as curative drugs to treat Fibromyalgia or as substitutes for conventional medicinal drugs.

Having said that, in this review, I have provided information about two studies that resulted in positive findings in relating the use of CBD products to alleviate pain, as well as instances where individual users have made claims about the curative properties of CBD.

In case you decide to use CBD products including creams, ensure that you begin with a product of unimpeachable quality. I would recommend a “full spectrum” product. While I have listed two companies that make such products, you can gain more useful information on the subject — particularly with regard to your individual needs — if you subscribe to my mailing list.

I welcome you to comment below if you have prior experience in the use of CBD products including creams to treat Fibromyalgia. Other readers may benefit from your experience. Thank you very much!