is cbd creams and oil legal in pennsylvania


The growth, cultivation, and trade of industrial hemp in Pennsylvania was enabled by HB-967 in 2016. The whole program would be regulated, inspected and overseen by the Hemp Research Board formulated by the bill.

In the paragraphs that follow, you will get informed about three popular strains, laws relating to CBD oil and CBD cream, and the legal buying of the product in the state.


Pennsylvania Commonly Sought Strains


Purple Aurora

This strain has an Indica-to-Sativa ratio of 60:35 and is obtained by crossing Purple Kush and Purple Auto.  Originated in the breeding ground of Alaska Built, the compact Purple Aurora can be grown outdoors particularly in the climate of the north which has shorter seasons. With a high component of CBD, the tight flowers of this strain have smells that range from spicy to that overripe berries.



Bred by Artizen Cannabis, Dutchberry has a Sativa-to-Indica ratio of 3:2. Obtained by crossing Dutch Treat with DJ Short’s Bluberry, this strain has flavors ranging from citrus to berry with an equally delicious aroma. With high CBD (8%) and THC (27%) components, the strain delivers a high that helps relieve stress after a hard day of work.



From the breeding ground of Canada’s LP Aphria, this strain is another variety of Pennywise. Obtained by crossing Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, Athabasca has a fragrance that combines sugar and wood with a sharp hint of spice. An equal ratio of CBD and THC renders it relatively devoid of psychoactive haze and induces gentle relaxation, with relief offered from epilepsy, arthritis and PTSD.


Pennsylvania’s Recreational Marijuana Usage

Defined as a classified substance under Schedule I in Pennsylvania, consumption of recreational cannabis is unlawful in the state and possession of 30 grams of the drug can lead to jail time of 30 days. Possession in excess of 30 grams results in a jail term of six to 12 months in addition to a fine of $5,000.


Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Usage

Act 16 became operational long after its signing by Governor of Pennsylvania signed it in 2016. From then on, patients began to buy medicinal marijuana from dispensaries and set Pennsylvania on its way to becoming a leading market for medicinal cannabis in the U.S. About 12,700 patients are registered under the program and receiving treatment for terminal illness, sickle cell anemia, post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders, opioid dependency, intractable spasticity, intractable seizures, HIV/AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, Huntington’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, dyskinetic, Crohn’s disease, autism, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Pennsylvania CBD oil and CBD cream laws

Governor Tom Wolf enacted HB-967 in 2016, whereby the growth, cultivation, and trade of industrial hemp became legalized in Pennsylvania. Agencies, colleges, and universities could grow the crop in order to aid research, with their activities overseen by the newly formed the Hemp Research Board.


Where to Buy CBD Cream or CBD Oil In Pennsylvania

The popularity of CBD oils and CBD creams in Pennsylvania rivals that in states such as California and New York. Consequently, the state is replete with retail sellers, the most reliable of whom are Rad Ritual, and Flavour House Vapes in Pittsburgh, Phoenixville Smoke Shop in Phoenixville, Manayunk Roxborough Community Acupuncture in Philadelphia, Hemp Headquarters in Willow Grove, and Nature’s Best CBD Pa Store in Vandergrift. A pragmatic alternative would be to buy the CBD oil or cream online.


The passage of HB-967 in 2016 led to the growth, cultivation, and trade by registered individuals of industrial hemp. The program would be overseen in every aspect by the newly formulated Hemp Research Board. Later in 2016, Act 16 was signed into law by the governor of the state to allow the sale of medicinal cannabis by dispensaries to 12,700 patients registered under the program. Adult-use cannabis continues to be unlawful in Pennsylvania, with a year in jail likely for possession of 30 grams of the drug. Finally, despite the proliferation of retail sellers in the main cities of the state, buying online is a pragmatic choice regardless of the location of the buyer.