is cbd creams and oil legal in oregon

IS CBD Oil OR CBD Cream LEGAL IN Oregon?

The growth and sales of industrial hemp in Oregon was made lawful by the passage of SB-676 in 2009. Such growth would be overseen by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, with industrial hemp classified by the law as an agricultural plant.

In this article, you will gain knowledge about three popular strains, the laws relating to CBD oil and CBD cream in Oregon, and lawful ways of buying the drug in the state.


Commonly Sought Strains In Oregon


Harley Twin

A strain that boasts Sativa-dominance, Harley Twin has a high CBD component and is a genetic cross between Harle-Tsu and Harlequin. The active buzz generated by this medicinal drug is owed to its equal ratio of CBD and THC. It induces physical relaxation while imparting a gentle high. The strain offers relief to sufferers of inflammation, stress, nausea and minor physical pain. A grassy fragrance characterizes this strain which has a subtle taste of sweet cherry.



The strain that features Indica-dominance and high CBD content is a genetic cross between Luca Brasi and LA Confidential. Lucy is a dense packaging of cannabinoids with an equal ratio (10%) of CBD and THC, resulting in physical relaxation and mental calm devoid of a psychotropic high. It gives relief from inflammation, headaches, and muscle pain, and can best be consumed in the evening.


Power Kush

Bred in Amsterdam, Power Kush is highly resinous and features a hairy appearance of orange and white. Its sugary skunk fragrance combines hints of strawberry and orange. It has a high component (16%) of THC and a relatively low CBD content (0.18%), inducing both physical and cerebral relaxation. The strain flowers in about 60 days.

Recreational Marijuana Usage In Oregon

Recreational marijuana may be sold in Oregon to cardholders licensed to buy medicinal cannabis. With annual sales of $292.1 million already generated, that figure is set to grow to $0.87 billion in 2021. Meanwhile, the state legislatures are flooded with bills dealing with adult-use and medicinal marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Usage In Oregon

The medicinal cannabis program in Oregon is guaranteed by Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (2007) and overseen by the Oregon Health Authority. Up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana by a qualified patient who can also grow six mature cannabis plants. Qualifying individuals are patients receiving treatment for Seizures, Persistent muscle spasms, Post-traumatic stress, Nausea, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma, Chronic pain, Cachexia, or Alzheimer’s disease. Oregon has nearly 62,000 qualified patients who account for annual sales of $101.6 million.

CBD Oil and Cream Laws In Oregon

The growth and trade of industrial hemp across Oregon was made lawful by SB-676 in 2009. Effective from 2010, the law defined industrial hemp as an agricultural plant, whose growth would be regulated by ODA – the Oregon Department of Agriculture that would issue licenses to growers and handlers.

Where to Buy CBD Cream or CBD Oil In Oregon

Oregon is striving to get ahead of its neighbors to the north and the south in the race to becoming the number one source of CBD products extracted from hemp including CBD cream and CBD oil. There are many good retailers in the state, including Collective Awakenings, Farma, and Stone Age Farmacy PDX, in Portland, Growing ReLeaf in Beaverton, Amazon Organics in Eugene, and House Of Leaves in However, buying CBD oil or CBD cream online is always a convenient option.


The growth and trade of industrial hemp in Oregon has been legalized by SB-676 of 2009 wherein industrial hemp is defined as an agricultural plant whose growth is overseen by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. the medical marijuana program in the state is protected by the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (2007) and has 62,000 qualifying patients who contribute to annual sales of $101.6 million. recreational marijuana sales have topped $292.1 million and are expected to hit 0.87 billion in 2021. Oregon is seeking to become the front-runner for CBD products on the West Coast and has several retailers, though online buying is a practical option too.