is cbd creams and oil legal in nevada

Is CBD Cream Or CBD Oil Legal in Nevada?

SB-305 passed in 2015 made limited growth of industrial hemp lawful in Nevada. A pilot program allowed such cultivation by higher educational institutions. Thereafter commercial cultivation of hemp was accommodated when the state enacted SB-306 in 2017.

This essay considers popular strains of CBD, the lawfulness of its consumption, and retail sources of CBD products in the state.

Commonly Sought Strains In Nevada


Sativa dominates Indica by a 55:45 ratio in this high-CBD strain whose breeders are unknown. On maturity, the plant has medium-sized buds with more than a hint of resin. The fragrance is pungent and sour with a fruity redolence. Mental energy and improved focus accompany a functional high as users derive relief from the side effects of chemotherapy, in addition to stress, seizures, and nausea. A three-way cross of Mexico, Lavender, and Afghanistan could result in this strain which has a CBD content of 8.6% as opposed to a THC component of 16%. Daytime medicinal use of the strain is justified by its high CBD content. Ideally, the strain should be cultivated in a medium soil and flowers in about 75 days. A late-October harvest is typical in Northern-hemispheric cultivation of the strain.


A 3:2 Sativa-to-Indica ratio characterizes this strain bred by Israel’s Tikun Olam. The more-or-less equal proportion of CBD (8-13%) and THC (10-13%) makes it a popular medicinal marijuana product that allows the user to experience a mild haze while getting relief from seizures, chronic pain, inflammation, and nausea. The Midnight invigorates and uplifts, making it ideal for use in the daytime. However, slight dizziness and dryness in the mouth may be experienced if the user takes an overdose.

Recreational Marijuana Usage Nevada

Adult-use marijuana was made lawful by Question 2 in Nevada in 2016 when 55% of voters statewide approved of it. However, recreational cannabis is still defined by the Nevada Uniform Controlled Substances Act as a psychoactive substance under Schedule I. However, possession of up to one ounce of recreational cannabis is legal. An amount possessed in excess of an ounce as also any public consumption will attract a fine of $600.

Medical Marijuana Usage Nevada

A full-fledged program is run by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH), whereby about 25,000 qualifying patients can avail medicinal marijuana. Medicinal marijuana worth $75.6 million sold in 2016, while sales of $150.4 million is projected for 2021. To qualify to register for a Patient Card, a person must be undergoing treatment for severe nausea, seizures, persistent muscle spasms, PTSD, cachexia, glaucoma, cancer, or AIDS. The law allows possession by Nevada residents of up to two-and-a-half ounces of marijuana and products infused with marijuana in edible form and cultivation of up to a dozen mature plants.

Nevada CBD Oil and CBD Cream Laws

The state enacted SB-305 in 2015 making it lawful to grow a limited quantity of industrial hemp in Nevada. Higher educational institutions could grow the plant thanks to a pilot program. Subsequently, SB-306 in 2017 led to commercial cultivation of hemp.

Where to Buy CBD Oil or CBD Cream in Nevada

The most reliable retailers of CBD oil and CBD cream among many shops in the state are Puffs Smoke Shop in Carson City, Knuckle Dusters Vapor in Reno, Black Rock Vapor in Sparks, Still Smoking Vapor & Smoke Shop and Kratom Luam Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, and Smoke Vapor Kratom CBD Shop in Henderson. But the most convenient option is buying online.


Cultivation of a limited amount of industrial hemp became lawful in Nevada with the enactment of SB-305 in 2015: higher educational institutions were permitted by a pilot program to grow the plant. Thereafter SB-306 in 2017 allowed commercial growth of the plant. The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) runs a full-fledged program, enabling about 25,000 patients to qualify to use medicinal marijuana. In 2016, medicinal marijuana sales reached $75.6 million. It is lawful to possess up to one ounce of recreational cannabis in Nevada. However, possession of more than such amount would lead to a fine of $600. Though retailers of CBD oil and CBD cream abound in the state, buying online is the most convenient way to obtain the drug