Verified CBD Review

About Verified CBD

Verified CBD was established in 2014, in Florida. They use a specific extraction technique that is considered one of the best in the business. They rigorously test their products on the same types of equipment that are used to test many of the major drug companies.

Verified CBD also tests and makes its products only in the US, specifically Miami, Florida. When compared with other CBD oil companies, their oils have much higher purity and quality. 80% being pure while the competition comes in at about 40%.

Quality of CBD

While it was mentioned as to why they have higher purity and quality than other brands, it’s important to note how they do it.

  • Extraction Method – Verified CBD uses a method called CO2 extraction. This method is looked at as the best way in the industry to obtain high-quality CBD oil. While it’s the most costly way to extract oil, it’s the most natural and safest way to ensure there aren’t any harmful ingredients that could be left behind by using other methods.
  • Organic USA grown Hemp – The company grows all its hemp in the US, Kentucky to be exact. They don’t use any GMOs so it’s all organic. By growing hemp organically, there’s less concentration on monitoring the hemp for potential bad side effects. This allows for more focus on making sure it’s more potent.
  • Third-party lab testing – Verified CBD uses pharmaceutical grade lab testing. The lab uses a process called HPLC or high-performance liquid chromatography to test for potency levels of the CBD oil, terpenes, toxins, pesticides, and microbes to name a few. Using a third-party lab ensures the business that they are always producing a high-quality product.


Verified CBD has a wide range of products for sale that can suit most consumers of their needs. Their website currently offers the following:

CBD Oils

Verified CBD has a variety of different strengths of their oils. Some start at 300 mg and can reach up to 3500 mg in a one-ounce bottle. While most of their oils are THC free (broad-spectrum), they do sell a full spectrum kind with varying strengths too.

Depending on their strength, the prices vary from $39.95 to $149.95. The oil is recommended for people managing mild to moderate pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, and those wanting to improve their moods.

CBD Capsules

Since Verified CBD’s oil is all-natural, it’s not a surprise that it has a natural taste. This can be a major problem for some that just can’t handle the taste. Fortunately, they offer CBD capsules if you aren’t keen on taking the oil.

Verified CBD sells 2 kinds of strengths at 10 mg and 25 mg for $47.95 and $77.95. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. They even offer a CBD isolate kind too.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are very popular among people who love candy and treats. Each Gummie at Verified CBD comes with a broad-spectrum of 20 mg of CBD. They offer them in 2 different sizes, travel-sized and regular size. The travel size contains 10 Gummies and the regular size contains 30 Gummies. They are priced at $22.95 and $39.95.

These Gummies are ideal for people who are afraid of the judgment they might receive from taking CBD in traditional ways.

CBD Oral Sprays

CBD sprays are often glossed over by many companies when they are actually very convenient to use and similar to oils. Since they are both taken orally, they are absorbed by the body sublingually.

Verified CBD sells a few oral spray products, 4 to be exact. They have one for sleep, anxiety, weight loss, and pain relief. Each one retails for $43.95 and is THC free.

While they are THC free, each one has a different formulation. For example, the sleep spray uses melatonin and Valerian root for relaxation along with the CBD. The anxiety spray combines CBD and L-theanine. The weight loss spray includes Garcinia Cambodia and the pain relief spray uses a special patented form of turmeric.

CBD Topicals

Hemp Intensive Healing Pain Rub

This pain rub retails for $47.95 for a jar of it. Now it might seem expensive, but it’s perfect for relieving joint pain and muscle pain. The topical contains potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that will even help jumpstart muscle regeneration after you work out.

CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer

The Re-Energizer cream is meant to be used daily to see effects. It works by giving the skin extra moisture while preventing any moisture loss. It’s fast-absorbing and revitalizes skin. This topical retails for $43.95 for a jar. It can be used both nightly or in the morning. If using it at night, be sure to apply to the face and the neck for an overnight nourishing experience.

CBD Antiaging Cream with Apple Stem Cells

Apple stem cells have the ability to stimulate the growth of new skin cells and collagen. CBD also has its antiaging properties, so when combined, this product is a force to be wrecked with! It’s suitable for both nighttime and daytime use with each time of day offering a different incentive. Daytime use can help protect you from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Nighttime use when combined with a skin re-energizer, adds to the effect. A jar of this particular topical retails for $47.95.

CBD Vape Oils

Verified CBD sells several different CBD vape oil refills. These are to be used in conjunction with your Vape pen. They offer 3 different flavors: apple, menthol, and razzleberry. Their oils contain no THC and use CBD isolate oil. They also use USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Be sure to not consume this blend orally, more information on this can be found on the product page. This method of getting CBD is ideal for those that just prefer vaping in general without having to use additional methods. Since this is one of the purest CBD methods, its ideal consumer is one who needs to manage anxiety, sleep, or mood disorders. Each vape refill retails for $84.95 for a bottle.

CBD Dog Treats 

Verified CBD doesn’t just sell their products for humans, but also pets, mainly dogs. These treats are THC free and available for all breeds and sizes. For a 5 mg CBD pack containing 30 treats, they retail for $37.95. The treats are recommended for dogs dealing with pain, insomnia, and separation anxiety. It can also be used for boosting immunity and for having a healthy appetite.

My Recommendation

Verified CBD is the right company to purchase from when it comes to the products they have to offer and their quality and potency. While they do offer a variety of isolates, broad, and full-spectrum products, their consistency lacks a bit when it comes to finding a specific extract.

This usually isn’t much of a deal-breaker for most people, but if you are looking for a specific extract to suit your needs, then you might run into some complications there. Although the brand has great quality and high purity products, not much is really known about the company.

Their website is bland and doesn’t really give any information about the brand itself. I think a little transparency is needed for those consumers who value knowing more about the people they are buying from.

If this isn’t that important to you then feel free to ignore and just go by what they have to offer in terms of products and quality. Another thing I would recommend is buying in bulk for items you like as the price goes down individually.

Overall, this is a great company to buy CBD products from. It has the purest and highest quality products while maintaining a solid reputation for being the best.


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