SabaiDee CBD For Every Specific Need

If you are thinking about buying SabaiDee CBD products make sure to read our full brand review below.


  • Lab-tested by third-party testers
  • Made with USA grown organic hemp
  • CO2 extraction technique that adheres to industrial standards


  • Range of products available are very limited
  • Products are expensive if you are buying them individually

Bottom Line

One of the best things about SabaiDee is its availability based on your needs rather than type. This will help those who are looking for a specific product in the market. The quality of CBD that is sold in the form of SabaiDee is unbeatable. You are getting one of the best CBD brands out there.

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About SabaiDee

SabaiDee, which started its business in late 2017, has achieved what many similar businesses haven’t in the past. Some of its products are what followers and fans of CBD oil are waiting for. With Alon Shabo on the helm, this company has donated its proceeds to purchase and plant trees in various communities across the nation. So, every CBD product sold to customers will equate to a tree bought for planting. The company has two headquarters, one located in California and the other in the United Kingdom.

Quality of CBD from SabaiDee

Sometimes the very best products come from outsiders’ reviews. SabaiDee is dedicated to producing high-quality line of items. This is achieved through:

  • Third-party lab testing – There is no magic formula in increasing the longevity of business other than having third party testify the quality of the products or services. And SabaiDee has made it possible by letting its products be tested by renowned testers from around the nation. This has helped the company retain its image and credibility in the eyes of current as well as potential customers.
  • CO2 extraction – Using CO2 extraction technique has allowed SabaiDee to obtain pure quality hemp that is free from toxic chemicals and less desirable elements like chlorophyll. The entire spectrum of useful terpenes and cannabinoids are kept intact, making its product one of the highest quality CBD oils available in the market.
  • Organic hemp made in the USA – According to SabaiDee website, the hemp obtained to produce CBD are organically grown in Colorado using gentle and environmental-friendly farming practices. The company further claims that the strain of hemp thus developed contains low levels of THC as well as a high amount of CBD which is meant to be naturally safe.
  • Full spectrum extract of CBD – This is considered to be the most potent of all CBD based extracts.


SabaiDee has a long range of products, but the list doesn’t look exhaustive either. However, some of the items have a ‘premium’ feeling, such as

CBD Oil Tinctures

This is one of the most popular products from SabaiDee. The Good Vibes which is an entry level item and a full-spectrum CBD comes in a 250 mg container. Then there is Super Good Vibes which is available in 1000mg strength and is an improved version of Good Vibes.

Last but not least, the Mega Good Vibes is sold in 2500 mg bottles and considered to have the highest potency. SabaiDee also sells Pure Good Vibes which is void of any flavor and comes in a 1000mg bottle.

Depending on the type of product that you are choosing, the price ranges from $49 to $200 per bottle. If you are buying multiple bottles or in bulk, your price can come down to a considerable level.

SabaiDee CBD Relief Rub 

The relief rub is recommended for a number of ailments as well as promoting wellness, improving sleep, managing inflammation and reducing anxiety. The topical CBD product from SabaiDee contains essential oil and can be used to alleviate pain.

Some of the essential oils used here include but not limited to camphor and wintergreen oil. The essential oils contain blue tansy, an ingredient very similar to chamomile that is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The relief rub product available from SabaiDee costs around $50. It is recommended for ailments such as arthritis, muscle pain, and dry skin.

CBD Pet Products

There are mainly two pet products from SabaiDee. As mentioned earlier, the range of products that are available at SabaiDee is limited. This holds good to pet products as well. You can find the most popular CBD chews in their pet section.

Another one which is a combo pack consisting of chews and dog CBD oil is also available. CBD chews come in bacon flavor that your dog will love. The soft chews contain sweet potatoes, flaxseed oil, and beef liver. Prices for these two products vary depending on the quantity you are buying as well as the distributor.

For example, the average cost of dog chews is $35 whereas combo pack costs around $50. Both these pet products are recommended for managing arthritic pain, supporting immune health, digestion, canine seizures and anxiety in pets.

Our Recommendation

SabaiDee has been able to spot today’s trends in CBD products. Unfortunately, the limited range of CBD oil and the fact that some of these products sell out fast make it difficult to get it on time. However, in terms of investment, SabaiDee has made the right choice of offering high quality products as opposed to a larger quantity. If you want to try this brand, remember that you can save a significant amount of money by buying in bulk rather than individual pieces. For more information on use and side effects, visit SabaiDee’s official website.



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