The CBD industry is thriving on innovations. We are all familiar with the isolation of CBD from hemp. A recent innovation involves the further isolation of terpenes and cannabinoids (considered to impart great health benefits) from hemp that has a low proportion of THC.

There is ongoing research aimed at finding out how specific symptoms or illnesses can be treated when these compounds are administered in specific ratios to patients.

While further research is likely to uncover much more information on the subject, studies done by a certain company on this extraction technique have delivered revelations that will benefit users who rely on CBD products for their treatment potential. That company goes by the name of Phyto Family.


A brand that has been favored by users for over four years, Phyto Family has relied on short path techniques of distillation devised to isolate specific strains of cannabinoids and terpenes. Most experienced users of CBD products are known to favor dabs as their preferred mode of use, and Phyto Family has chosen to target this dab market.

This is in addition to more conventional modes of delivering hemp oil, such as capsules, topicals, and tinctures. I have no hesitation whatever in according Phyto Family a very high rating.

Continue reading to find out about the Phyto Family range of products, and my comprehensive review to justify why I accord them such a high rating on all parameters, including innovation, trustworthiness, realistic pricing, and quality.


Review of Phyto Family Dabs

Users of dab products may seek supplements in the form of isolates of slab or pure crystal. They may also look at slab, crumble or wax supplemented with a full spectrum terpene. Phyto Family offers all these and more.

If you seek user-friendly prices for CBD products, Phyto Family must rank as a strong choice. The company relies on extractions of specific strains to derive unique blends and processes small batches to keep prices affordable to users.

The company constantly rotates the product choices it offers, aimed at optimizing user experiences. I have looked a few product choices to illustrate the care that Phyto Family exercises in finalizing its product offerings:

Ratios Crumble – Single Source – Full Spectrum – BaOX

Phyto Family has used the BaOX strain to develop this crumble whose full-bodied profile makes it an ideal dab that owes its creamy, fruity and sweet flavor to its terpene profile.

The source strain has yielded a comprehensive cannabinoid spectrum thanks to an ethanol extraction process. Traces of THC have been completely removed through the subsequent use of chromatography.

Full Spectrum Wax – Spectrum – *EXTRA* – PhytoResin

High levels of CBG and CBD extracted from Spectrum, a source strain, characterize this wax. The company uses a still-under-development proprietary PhytoResin process to produce this dab.

Sales are expectedly high thanks to small specialty batches, as is the case with every dab product from the Phyto Family stable. I would advise you to check for availability of stocks if you are seeking to buy these dabs.


Phyto Family offers several CBD syrups all of which boast a high proportion of CBG thanks to a full spectrum extraction of cannabinoid. Small batches of these water-soluble syrups are processed in various delightful flavours.

Users can add these sweet syrups to shakes and drinks: in sweetening the syrups, the manufacturers have preferred pure agave nectar to corn syrup with a high fructose content. Natural flavorings -- such as Galactic Grape, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Pineapple, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Black Cherry -- characterize the whole Phyto Family range of syrups.

Vape Juice and Gear

A vast array of vape juices are also offered by Phyto Family; these feature various terpene profiles and cannabinoid ratios. The company also allows users to choose from a range of flavors as well as specialty strains that may or may not include terpenes.

Phyto Family also allow beginner users to choose from vape gear at reasonable prices and optimal efficiency, allowing users the best experience in respect of coil exposure and vaping temperature.

CBD Bath Bombs

Phyto Family partners California-based Kush Queen to offer bath bombs in five delightful aromas, each with 25mg of CBD and derived from a CBD isolate. Infused with natural ingredients, the bath bombs promise a relaxing experience.


MeltNano Body Lotion – Kush Queen has partnered Phyto Family to make this distinctive skincare water-based formulation. The 100% vegan lotion is rapidly absorbed when applied at the location of sore muscles without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.

Tattoo Aftercare Cream – Those with tattoos can heal their skin with this salve that is devised for use by vegans. Nourishment is provided to the skin by a range of natural ingredients that include cocoa butters, shea, sandalwood essential oil, and rosehip oil. An ounce of the salve contains 100mg of CBD. Proprietary organic hemp strains grown in Colorado provide the raw material for the distilled hemp oil from which the CBD is sourced.


Complete Transparency About Processing Techniques

Pride in their distillation techniques induces the promoters of Phyto Family to be so transparent about the process as to actually educate users regarding the highly processed hemp oils used in the manufacture of the products, underscoring the admirable level of effort.

Phyto Family also uses ethanol extraction to make some products that need a lower level of processing. The products are eco-friendly even as they boast a comprehensive cannabinoid profile.

Strain Specific Terpene Lines

Local farmers help Phyto Family in producing terpene profiles that match the strains of hemp the company has specially developed to replicate a natural terpene profile. The terpene blends are made from strains from single sources, including Remedy, Cherry #5, and Otto. The process results in very high-quality artisanal hemp products.

Recent Third-Party Testing

The company is very transparent and, on its website, provides the latest lab report of testing done by a third-party agency called ProVerde Labs, including analyses of heavy metals, pesticide, terpene and cannabinoids.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing on the tincture lines of the Phyto Family is so reasonable that I was initially skeptical about the probable quality. But I have satisfied myself as to the purity and quality of the product.

Attention to High-Quality Ingredients Across the Board

The high quality of ingredients used in its products by Phyto Family is beyond reproach.


Highly Processed

Some products of Phyto Family are ethanol based and marked as such, but most are highly processed artisanal hemp oils. The benefits to health may be potentially higher if Phyto Family used a production method that involves food-grade extraction of ethanol. Instead, the company chooses first to isolate and then to reintroduce terpenes to cannabinoid isolates. Experts in the CBD industry remain divided in their opinions about which is the better method.

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There is no denying the various pluses that Phyto Family products bring to the table, whether it's their transparency about the sourcing and manufacturing methods or about the ready access a user is given to lab reports of third-party testing, or the value-for-money in terms of their pricing. I have no hesitation in giving Phyto Family a high rating.