is cbd creams and oil legal in wyoming


Though HB-230 did not have the backing of the governor, it was passed in 2017 to create a licensing mechanism for the growth of industrial hemp in Wyoming as authorized by the food and drugs act.

In this essay, you will learn about commonly sought strains, the legal provisions relating to CBD oil and CBD cream in Wyoming, and the modes of buying it lawfully in the state.


Popular Strains In Wyoming

Agent Orange

Bred by MzJill Genetics, this is the result of a cross between Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. With a fragrance that combines oranges and citrus fruit and buds of a mixed purple-and-maroon hue, this strain motivates and uplifts, alleviating feelings of depression and lethargy.

Tahoe OG Kush

Ideally consumed on a rainy day, this strain acts quickly and reliably to offer relief from insomnia and pain and can induce appetite. It induces a lazy physical sensation making it a preferred nighttime drug. Thanks to great nurturing by the breeders, the strain reveals Indica-dominance and leaves euphoria as its signature theme. With a taste that combines earth and lemon flavors, the strain is a phenotype that belongs to OG Kush. The strain flowers in 10 weeks and can help those seeking a good night’s sleep.


Wyoming’s Recreational Marijuana Laws

Adult-use cannabis is banned in the state of Wyoming. Possession of up to three ounces of cannabis can attract jail time of a year and a fine of $1,000. Merely being found under the influence of cannabis can attract incarceration for six months and a fine of $750.


Wyoming’s Medical Marijuana Laws

A resident of Wyoming may use CBD oil and CBD cream products — with CBD content of 5% and THC content of less than 0.3% — in the treatment of seizures. However, there are no legal sources of buying the drug, despite three bills that sought to remedy this gap in 2017. The state law does not offer recourse to patients of seizures who might need a higher THC content in the CBD. Nor does it address the need of sufferers of other ailments. The 2018 ballot did not include marijuana proposals.


CBD Oil and CBD Cream Laws In Wyoming

The governor of the state did not back the eventual passage of HB-230 in 2017. A licensure mechanism was provided to enable individuals to grow industrial hemp to aid research goals, as allowed by the food and drugs act.


Where to Buy CBD Cream and CBD Oil In Wyoming

Though the market for CBD oil and CBD cream is projected to grow in the future, the state does not have many retailers selling the product. The best choices include Norse Vapor, Double Diamond Vapors, and Ohm Man Vape Shop in Casper, Glass Water Pipes Plus in Riverton, and Vapors in Lander. Therefore, buying CBD cream and CBD oil products online seems to be the most pragmatic option for residents of Wyoming.



Despite the lack of the governor’s approval, Wyoming enacted HB-230 in 2017 whereby a licensing mechanism allowed individual growers to cultivate industrial hemp to meet research goals. Use of CBD products with CBD content of 5% and THC content of less than 0.3% is allowed in the state for the treatment of seizures, without however outlining legal ways of obtaining the drug. Use of adult-use cannabis is banned; even being under the influence of cannabis can attract jail time and a monetary fine. Buying CBD products online is the most pragmatic option in the state which does not have enough retailers of the drug.