is cbd creams and oil legal in virginia

Is CBD Cream Or CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

The growth of industrial hemp as part of a research program by higher education institutions was legalized thanks to the passage of SB-955 in 2015. The law mandates that CBD oil or CBD cream must have a high CBD content (a minimum of 15%) as against a low THC component (not more than 5%).

In the following article, we inform our readers about commonly sought cannabis strains, the legal provisions relating to CBD and how to obtain it lawfully in Virginia.

Commonly Sought Strains In Virginia


From the breeding ground of Los Angeles Kush, this strain boasts Indica-dominance and is obtained by crossing MazarxBlueberry (a.k.a Skywalker) and Cherry Pie. This is ideal for evening intake with the euphoric high it renders to a user. The flavor is similar to that of Cherry Pie and its taste has shades of Sweet Berry and Gentle Diesel. The scent is redolent of both Diesel Gas and Sweet Cherry.

LA Cake

LA Cake, also from the breeding ground of Los Angeles Kush, combines the genetics of LA Kush and GG4 and helps a user wind down with its relaxing effect. Both parents lend their genetics to the strain whose taste is reminiscent of that of OG, in its vintage earthy characteristic.  Pine and diesel notes combine to give fragrance to the strain which has a sour and earthy aroma. This strain will attract those seeking relief from pain or a euphoric impact, as LA Cake has a tranquilizing physical and mental effect.

GMO Cookies

From the breeding ground of Divine Genetics, GMO Cookies features Indica-dominance with a combination of Chemdawg and GSC. Its aroma that has a shade of petrol along with coffee and fruit is owed to its Chemdawg genetics, while its sweet and earthy flavor is inherited from GSC.the strain is attractive to patients who want pain relief without the “high” of THC.

Recreational Marijuana Usage In Virginia

Public consumption of recreational marijuana is banned in Virginia, as adult-use cannabis is classified as a misdemeanor under Class I, and violation of the law can attract jail time of 30 days and a fine of $500. a second offense can result in incarceration of a year and a fine of $2,500. However, residents of the state may possess less than a half-ounce of the drug as it is defined as simple possession for personal consumption, not a punishable offense.

Medical Marijuana Usage In Virginia

For use of CBD oil or CBD cream to be lawful in the state, it must contain a minimum 15% of THCA-A or CBD and less than 5% of THC. The use of medicinal cannabis was authorized in early 2018 and for the treatment of any ailment and five pharmaceutical processors were appointed, one for each health region of the state. but any purchase by a doctor or patient must be preceded by approval from the Pharmacy Board. Sales revenue of $17.2 is forecast for 2021 after the licensed facilities become functional in 2019.

CBD Oil and CBD Cream Laws In Virginia

Authorized growers could cultivate industrial hemp lawfully to provide for research purposes of higher educational institutions, thanks to the passage of SB-955 of 2015; the program would be overseen by the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

Where to Buy CBD Oil and CBD Cream In Virginia

Virginia is becoming more CBD-friendly with every passing day. Though it doesn’t have as many retailers for CBD oil or CBD cream as New York, California or Florida, the state is witnessing a large number of professional retailers setting up shop every month, and the most reliable retail options include Vapors Lounge in North Chesterfield, Vaperz in Centreville, and Dynamic Integrations Wellness & Massage in Tysons.  An alternate option would be to buy online if there is no store in your neighborhood.


Thanks to the passage of SB-955 in 2015, those who wished to grow industrial hemp could do so if it was part of a state-authorized program to aid research by higher educational institutions. as per the state law, CBD oil and CBD cream must have at least 15% of its component in the form of CBD and less than 5% in the form of THC. As per the medical marijuana program, purchase of CBD products by patients or doctors would need to be preceded by registration with the Pharmacy Board. Once the licensed facilities begin operations in 2019, they could boost sales which are expected to hit $17.2 million in the year 2021. The consumption of adult-use (a misdemeanor of Class 1 category)is unlawful in the state and could attract jail time of 30 days in addition to a fine of $500.