is cbd creams and oil legal in south carolina

Is CBD Cream Or CBD Oil Legal in South Carolina?

Cannabis was recategorized as an industrial plant as opposed to a controlled substance when SB-839 was passed in 2014. The re-definition assumed that the THC component did not exceed 0.3%. Three years later, the state brought the law up to date by allowing issuance of licenses by regulators to grow the plant by 2018.


In this essay, you will learn about two popularly sought strains, the legal provisions relevant to CBD Oil and CBD Cream, and ways of buying the product lawfully in the state of South Carolina.


Commonly Sought Strains In South Carolina



With an Indica-to-Sativa ratio of 7:3, Harmonia is obtained by crossing Pure Kush and LA Confidential and then combining the result with a hybrid of Sweet Tooth and Juicy Fruit. With a higher CBD component (12%) than its THC content (10%), this strain is attractive to those who do not want exposure to the psychoactive haze of THC.  It smells of lemon and sweet berries and renders a high that is just enough to keep the user in an upbeat mood during the whole day. However, Harmonia is often confused with a sister-strain called Pokie, which in fact has an inverted CBD-to-THC ratio despite having originated from the same parent strains.


Spyder Mon

An exhilarating strain with a high CBD-to-THC ratio of 2.5:1, Spyder Mon relaxes both body and mind. Obtained by crossing Super Skunk and Charlotte’s Web, the strain renders gentle euphoria and relief from inflammation. The fresh fragrance of the strain combines hints of citrus and pine. With its resultant clear-headedness, the strain can be used throughout the day. It provides relief from inflammation, minor pains and aches, headaches, and nausea.


Recreational Marijuana Usage In South Carolina

Adult-use cannabis is banned in the state. A person who possesses up to one ounce of the drug can face jail time of 30 days and a fine of $200. A second offense could mean imprisonment for a year, along with a fine of $2,000. Anyone trying to sell or distribute up to 10 pounds of the drug could be incarcerated for five years.


Medical Marijuana Usage In South Carolina

As required in the state, CBD oil or CBD Cream must have a high component of CBD (15%) and not more than 0.9% of THC content. Hemp oil research is being undertaken by the Medical University of South Carolina. Patients qualifying for use of medicinal cannabis are those receiving treatment for Specifically, patients suffering from refractory epilepsy of any kind, including chronic myoclonic epilepsy that appears in infancy, or Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. A medicinal marijuana bill, labeled as the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act seeking to promote medicinal marijuana has been approved by the Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee and is likely to be received by the House and could get approved in a legislative session in early 2019.


CBD Oil and CBD Cream Laws in South Carolina

The reclassification of marijuana as an industrial plant rather than as a controlled substance was affected by SB-839 in 2014, assuming that the drug has THC content of no more than 0.3%. As per the bill, growth of industrial hemp by farmers in the state would be overseen by the Department of Agriculture through the formulation of necessary regulations and rules.

Issuance of 50 licenses by 2018 for such growth was enabled by updating the law in 2017.


Where to Buy CBD Oil and CBD Cream In South Carolina

Retail sellers of CBD oil and CBD Cream abound in the state, the most reliable options being Eucalyptus Wellness and Elixir Bar in Mount Pleasant, Herbal Passion and Airavata Vapors in Charleston, Smoke ‘n Brew in Greenville, and Mutiny Vapors in Goose Creek. Those who cannot access a retailer in their vicinity can buy CBD Oil or CBD Cream products online.



Instead of considering cannabis a controlled substance, SB-839 in 2014 recategorized the crop as an industrial plant, provided its THC content did not exceed 0.3%. Updating the law three years later allowed issuance of licenses to 50 growers by 2018. However, CBD oil as defined in the state must have low THC content (not exceeding 0.9%) along with high CBD content (a minimum of 15%). Sufferers of every type of refractory epilepsy including chronic myoclonic epilepsy which manifests in infancy can qualify for medical cannabis. Patients of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome can also receive the drug as part of their treatment. Adult-use cannabis is unlawful in the state and possession of up to one ounce of the drug could mean incarceration for 30 days and a fine of $200.