is cbd creams and oil legal in oaklahoma

Is CBD Cream Or CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?


The Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program Act was enacted via HB-2913 in 2018, whereby universities and farmers were enabled to grow licensed hemp seed to accomplish research goals.

In the following paragraphs, you can learn about three popular strains, the lawfulness of CBD oil or cream use in Oklahoma, and modes of buying it legally in the state.


Commonly Sought Strains In Oklahoma


Stephen Hawking Kush

Part of Great Minds seeds’ series bred by Alphakronik Genes, Stephen Hawking Kush (SHK) is an Indica-dominant strain and is named for the famous scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking. It originated from a crossing between a Harle-Tsu female and a Sin City Kush male. The high-CBD strain is available in three phenotypes known for their combination flavors that mix cherry and vivid berry, along with a hint of mint. SHK stimulates the stomach while offering relief from nausea and pain in the process of providing soothing physical relaxation.


The OX

With a 75:25 Indica-to-Sativa ratio, this strain has been obtained via a crossing of Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine. from the breeding ground of Rare Dankness, the OX has a high THC content of 20% as opposed to just 12% of CBD. Smelling strongly of coffee and berries, the strain results in euphoric effects on the brain of a user while relaxing his/her body. The OX is sought for relief from muscle tension, seizures, inflammation, depression, and stress, and can be consumed either in the evening or at night-time. The strain flowers in about two-and-a-half months.



Bred by a Sin City Kush male, this strain is achieved through a crossing between Harle-Tsu and Gobstopper, both renowned hybrids of the West Coast. A CBD-rich strain in keeping with the genetics typical of AKG’s offerings, Tesla has a terpene profile that is overly fruity. Most phenotypes of Tesla have a THC component of between 1 and 3% and bear a combined fragrance of jasmine, raspberry, blueberry, and grape. Those who wish to avoid the psychotropic hazy high of THC are likely to be attracted to this strain.


Recreational Marijuana Usage In Oklahoma

A resident who possesses recreational cannabis — a classified substance (Schedule I) — in any amount would be committing a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail, though a conditional release is obtainable for first-time offenders, in addition to a fine of $1,000. However, the definition of recreational marijuana in Oklahoma does not include CBD extracts from the plant’s seeds, or any mature stalks of marijuana


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Usage

State Question relating to making cultivation, sale, and use of medicinal cannabis lawful in the state was approved by voters in mid-2018. However, Governor Mary Fallin also added a few controversial amendments. For example, the use of cannabis in smokable form is unlawful; however, a high THC content of 12% is not frowned on. Additionally, in the absence of qualifying conditions of any kind, use of medicinal marijuana would rest on obtaining a licensed physician’s certification. A pharmacist must necessarily be hired by every dispensary. The regular session of the state in February 2019 is likely to see a review of the program.


Oklahoma CBD Cream and CBD Oil Laws

The Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program Act was passed into law by HB-2913 in 2018, whereby farmers and universities can cultivate industrial hemp to achieve crop research.


Where to Buy CBD Cream or CBD Oil In Oklahoma

Retailer sellers are a growing number in this mid-western state, especially in the capital city. The best retail choices include Herban Mother, Rick & Bunni’s Smokeshop, and Trichomes in Oklahoma City, 13 Vapor Co in Norman, and Vapor Supplies Unlimited in Stillwater. However, regardless of your location in the state, you would find buying CBD oil or CBD cream online the most convenient choice.



Universities and farmers were licensed to grow industrial hemp to aid research goals after the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program Act was enacted via HB-2913 in 2018. After State Question 788 was approved in June 2018, residents of the state could lawfully grow, sell or consume medical marijuana. Qualifying medical conditions are absent, and certification by a licensed physician is the only resort for those who wish to obtain medical cannabis. Marijuana is a classified drug under Schedule I; possession thereof is a misdemeanor that could lead to jail time of a year, with a possible conditional release for first-time offenders, and a fine amounting to $1,000.