is cbd creams and oil legal in Colorado

Is CBD Cream Or CBD Oil Legal in Colorado?

Use of recreational marijuana was first legalized in Colorado making it one of the eight most cannabis-enlightened states in the country.

The Centennial State made the production of commercial hemp lawful; by passing SB-241 in 2013. Many residents in marijuana-deprived regions envy the cannabis laws of Colorado.

In this article we look at the definition of CBD, the popularly sought strains of High-CBD/Low-THC of hemp, and the legality of possession and use of CBD in Colorado, and where you can buy it legally.

CBD Defined

Among the most sought-after drugs is cannabidiol, popularly called CBD, a natural extract of the cannabis plant. Given that this psychoactive chemical compound is being recognized for its medicinal properties, CBD is no longer taboo simply because it’s a compound of marijuana.


Most Commonly Sought High-CBD/Low-THC Strains



Distinguished by its low THC content of 6% and high CBD content of 6-17%, Cannatonic is a hybrid strain that can be bred using resin seeds. A hybrid progeny of a female MK Ultra and a male G13 Haze, consumers of Cannatonic experience a temporary mellow high that uplifts yet relaxes, thanks to the CBD content. This “premium” strain is known to give relief from migraines, muscle spasms, anxiety, and pain, among various other physiological and psychological symptoms. Most phenotypes of Cannatonic are odorous in a mildly earthy way and known for their slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of citrus.




Agricultural company Southern Humboldt Seed Collective cultivates Harle-Tsu, a high-CBD hybrid. This plant, which is a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, is used by patients to get relief from inflammation and pain. Such relief is devoid of any psychoactive haze as the plant has a CBD-to-THC ratio of 20:1. Finally, there is a 75% probability that the Harle-su seeds will inherit its high-CBD properties. When grown indoors, these plants flower in less than two months.


Colorada CBD Oil and CBD Cream Laws

A new project to regulate commercial hemp production in Colorado was created following the passage of the Senate Bill 241 passed in 2013. As per SB-241, for cannabis to be defined as an agricultural commodity, it must not have more than 3% of THC. Keeping research and development in view, the law also provides for the oversight of the legal cultivation of industrial hemp by a committee appointed from within the Colorado Department of Agriculture.


Medical Cannabis Usage in Colorado

In 1979, the “Dangerous Drugs Therapeutic Research Act,” Colorado’s first bill on medicinal marijuana was enacted. Two decades later, in 2000, amendment 20 was approved in Colorado, making it the first state in the country to legalize medical marijuana. Sales of medicinal marijuana have since boomed in the state, with a projected turnover of $0.57 billion projected for 2021. Colorado a statewide medical marijuana registry program in place whereby an identification card is being issued to qualifying patients to enable them to buy medicinal marijuana. However, the program eligibility is restricted to residents of the state.

Recreational Marijuana Usage in Colorado

Cannabis users consider Coloradans the most fortunate people as the residents of the state have been consuming cannabis legally since 2001. Additionally, the state enacted Amendment 64 in 2012 to allow them to cultivate, possess, and trade recreational marijuana. In 2017, sales of cannabis in Colorado registered a whopping $8.7 billion. As per Colorado law, any American of 21 and above in the state is legally entitled to engage in a single transaction to buy up to 28 grams of marijuana. Additionally, a buyer of recreational marijuana does not need to be a resident or register in Colorado, as that regulation is relevant only to purchase of medicinal cannabis.


Where to buy CBD Cream and Oil in Colorado

Unlike many other states of the country, Colorado has no dearth of retail sellers of CBD. However, the state has its share of dubious sellers. However, buyers of CBD cream and oil from online source would be best served if they researched the manufacturer’s credibility before buying, as about 42% of CBD oil and cream sold online is said to be under-labeled; in other words, the products contain more CBD than advertised.

Prominent brick-and-mortar sellers of CBD cream and oil in Colorado include Nature’s Best CBD (Littleton, Colorado), The Healing Canna (Colorado Springs, Colorado), and Caregivers for Life (Denver, Colorado). If you want hemp-extracted CBD concentrates delivered to your door, you can buy it from Infinite CBD, Colorado Hemp Project, and CBD and Co., among others.



As Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2001, pro-cannabis activists, individuals, and merchants are likely to consider it a dream state. In 2013, the passage of Senate Bill 241 made it legal for Coloradans to cultivate, possess, and trade industrial hemp in the state.  Any American above the age of 21 is legally permitted to buy CBD oil and CBD Cream products in Colorado, without needing to produce a medical prescription.