is cbd creams and oil legal in Arkansas

Is CBD Cream Or CBD Oil Legal in Arkansas?


The use of CBD cream or CBD Oil was not permitted by law in Arkansas until 2017 when the state passed the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act. A year earlier the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved. As per the state law CBD derived from hemp must have no more 3% of THC.


In this article, we explain what CBD is, the two best CBD hemp strains currently in use, the legal provisions relevant to CBD in Arkansas, and is it legal to buy it in the state.


Definition of CBD

Over 400 chemical compounds go to make up cannabis plants. The genus cannabis plant exclusively accounts for more than 60 of these compounds: scientists refer to them as cannabinoids. Among them, one, known as cannabidiol, provides relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation, and, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not get you “high.” The fact that they can cure the patient without any mind-altering side-effects serves both legal and medical purposes. Thus, hemp strains with a high CBD: THC ratio is sought not just by doctors and patients but also by farmers. A CBD proportion of 4% or more in a hemp strain would be considered substantial.


Two Best Hemp Strains Currently Available


No other strain has a CBD content twenty times its THC component. This fact has won ACDC several Cannabis Cup awards. This hybrid plant has equal genetic inheritance from indica and sativa, yet it has a very low THC content. It is a proven cure for chronic anxiety.


Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web originated in Colorado, and at 20%, it has among the highest proportions of CBD content recorded in the country. The strain is named for a 5-year old patient called Charlotte who staged a remarkable recovery from suffering 50 seizures daily, thanks to extracts based on CBD oil.


Medical Marijuana Usage in Arkansas

Possession of even miniscule amounts of cannabis in Arkansas has historically been termed a violation of the law. However, in 2016, sufferers of severe medical ailments were allowed by law to buy medicinal marijuana, thanks to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. According to the law, a licensed doctor must prescribe in writing that the patient is sold cannabis. In 2018, Arkansas had as many as 5,085 registered patients qualified to buy cannabis. The law does not permit anybody to grow cannabis at home or consume recreational cannabis in public.


Arkansas CBD Oil and Creams Laws

The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act (Act 981) of 2017 led to the announcement of a research pilot program to be overseen by the Arkansas Plant Board with assistance from the University of Arkansas. The Act encourages farmers, market researchers and processors, as well as universities to participate in the program. You can lawfully buy products made from CBD oil and cream in the state provided the THC content thereof does not exceed .3%; only a patient may buy products that contain a higher proportion of THC, also called medicinal marijuana.


Where to buy CBD Creams and CBD Oil In Arkansas

All over Arkansas, there are sellers of CBD oil and cream derived from hemp that can be bought freely by anybody without having to obtain a medical certificate. CBD users can also find many places to buy CBD Oil and CBD cream online. A reliable online source of CBD oil is Every Day Optimal, renowned for delivering high-quality CBD with prompt shipment.



The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act in 2017 made it legal for Arkansas residents to buy products made from CBD oil. By law, hemp derived CBD must not contain THC content of more than .3%. Additionally, a state-run program allows patients to buy medicinal marijuana if a licensed physician provides them with a written certificate. Finally, CBD Cream or oil can be bought online as well from brick-and-mortar sellers across the state. Buying online is more convenient and gives you a wide range of choices.