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If you are thinking about buying Highlands Pharms CBD products make sure to read our Highlands Pharms CBD brand review below.


  • Third-Party Testing of the Product Facilitated in a Transparent Manner
  • Hemp used is of Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Process of CO2 Extraction
  • Use of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
  • Hemp is Domestically Sourced, Non-GMO and Organic
  • Packaging is Eco-Friendly


  • Relatively Expensive

The Verdict

Great value for money: the brand name of Highlands Pharms represents premium CBD products that justify their high price.

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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The nation has begun to sit up and take note of the health benefits that can accrue from CBD oil. But prospective buyers are often confused by the plethora of choices they encounter when they are looking for CBD products of high quality. And in an unregulated industry, the importance of doing sufficient research cannot be overestimated.

This is precisely why I began to write this blog. Readers of my articles are likely to find it easier to track products that meet their specific needs. I also try to explain clearly the science that underscores the emerging medicinal field of CBD oil.

Highland Pharms is a leading brand in the market for CBD hemp oils. In my review, I tell you why.

What the Highland Pharms brand is all about

With four years of experience in the CBD oil industry, Highland Pharms has had a head start over most rivals, making the promoters industry leaders in the process.

The high quality of the product has made it a byword for reliability, consistency, and trust.

The use of a process of CO2 extraction and organic hemp of pharmaceutical grade ensures that Highland Pharms CBD oil is full spectrum and clean. Importantly, the product uses the “Entourage Effect” — a euphemism for combining the benefits of a comprehensive array of phytonutrients and cannabinoids — to provide compounded health benefits.

The quality of the product is further enhanced via packaging that is eco-friendly and lab reports that boast transparency in third-party testing. In my comprehensive review that follows, I have dwelt on the various factors that enhance the quality of the product.

To begin with, I shall introduce you to the range of products offered by Highland Pharms:

CBD Products Offered by Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms delivers a wide array of CBD products made from top grade full spectrum CBD Hemp oil. Highland Pharms crystals are the only products made from a CBD isolate. All the other products from the Highland Pharms stable use a comprehensive array of cannabinoids as raw material. On the company’s website the promoters provide a recent chemical analysis done by a third-party agency.

CBD Hemp Oil Drops

In the absence of a CBD isolate process, the CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC. On the plus side, such trace amounts are less than .3% in terms of dry weight. This is within federally defined limits, helping the product to stay legal, without any psychoactive strain.

A popular question that pops up in FAQs addressed to the manufacturer of Highland Pharms is, can the product cause a user to fail a drug test? The company responds by pointing out that in order to fail a drug test a user would have to consume at least 1000 mg a day, a dosage that far exceeds the typical usage of the supplement.

While the answer to the question is in the negative, an overly cautious person who wishes to ensure that he/she does not fail a drug test may be best advised to seek a CBD oil that uses a CBD isolate process.

Variety of Sizes: Highland Pharms CBD Oil is sold in tincture bottles of 250mg, 500mg, 1250mg, 6000mg, and 15,000mg capacity. You could even treat your pet dog to the product by buying a pet friendly version that’s offered.

CBD Capsules

Gel caps are the most convenient delivery mode of CBD as they can give you the precise dosage without your having to wrestle with eyedroppers or tincture bottles. Highland Pharms offers this variation in doses of 15mg, 25mg, 50mg and 75mg.

If you are vegan, you might object to the ingredient of gelatin that is part of the gel caps. However, you can still enjoy a vegan-friendly option in the form of a pill made of powdered hemp extract.


Until recently, Highland Pharms gummies comprised of full spectrum Hemp Oil, resulting in a hempy taste that everyone may not find enjoyable. But they no longer do so, and that should delight most users who can choose from packages of several counts of gummies offered in doses of 10mg and 20mg.

Vaping Products

Highland Pharms also offers vaping products that should bring a smile to a customer who is a confirmed vaper.

To begin with, the juice comprises of 100% Vegetable Glycerin. Unlike most vape liquid, the juice in the vaping products offered by Highland Pharms does not contain Propylene Glycol, often referred to as the PG in the base of VG/PG. Neither is the flavor exaggeratedly bright nor does it subject the user to a throat hit, often ascribed to the PG component.

Users will delight in the knowledge that Highland Pharms offers a healthier vape product, while eschewing a non-natural ingredient and safeguarding consumers from throat irritation.

The company also offers a second line of vape juice. Varying the concentration level of CBD enables the company to offer FX CBD Vape Oil in various strengths. The oil is renowned for an addition of terpenes found in the hemp plant, thereby boosting memory, focus, and creativity in users. The addition of these natural compounds from the hemp plant has led to an enhanced effect as admitted by some users.

Highland Pharms Reviews

I can recommend the brand without hesitation, given that it boasts more benefits than disadvantages. Barring the high price, Highland Pharms leaves the user nothing to complain about.


Third-Party Testing Results Displayed

Highlands Pharms website allows you access to the most recent lab results. You can see for yourself the broad array of cannabinoids that the product contains and put to test the manufacturer’s claims of using “full spectrum” Cannabinoids. You can also access information about the hemp oil and the levels of CBD, CBG, CBDV, CBGA, CBC, and CBN therein.

Hemp of Pharmaceutical Grade

Highland Pharms uses high quality hemp with cannabinoids present in a vast array and a negligible element, if any, of THC. The hemp used is genetically engineered to ensure the maximal presence of cannabinoids quite unlike the quality of industrial hemp used in textile and fiber manufacturers.

CO2 Extraction

The phytochemicals are wholly extracted from the hemp plant using pressure and carbon dioxide in what is called a “Supercritical CO2” extraction. Incidentally, no heavy metals, chemicals or residues are left behind.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

The hemp Highland Pharms is claimed to be “full spectrum,” producing several other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. The endocannabinoid system of the human body is believed to be assisted by the various compounds produced by the full spectrum hemp to deliver several health benefits. Highland Pharms does not use a CBD isolate process to produce its hemp oil.

Hemp that is Sourced Domestically, While Being Non-GMO, Organic

The manufacturers of Highland Pharms work in close coordination with the Colorado-based hemp grower to ensure top-notch hemp of pharmaceutical grade.

Pay by Ethereum or Bitcoin

You can even use cryptocurrency to buy Highland Pharms products, whether your preferred mode is NEO, or Steem, or Litecoin.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Biodegradable potato starch is used in the packaging of the product to ensure that there is no breakage en route to the user, revealing the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.


The Price Tag

If you looking o buy a cheap product — in the sense of a lower price tag — Highland Pharms does not fit the bill. But hard-pressed to find fault with the product, I could find no other grouse in a range of products that boast the best quality of ingredients and manufacturing methods.

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