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FABCBD Cream Oil and Gummies Review and Coupons 2019

Our you thinking about using FABCBD products?  Read our review below.

Brand Review Summary

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CBD Creams, Gummies and CBD Oil


$64 - $129


If you are thinking about buying FABCBD products make sure to read our FABCBD brand review below.

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You couldn't pick a better time to start investigating the world of CBD than now. Many different products and innovations with CBD are being discovered and used as a healing or medicinal product. There is no more honesty than public reviews.

Real people, using products, and giving you their honest feedback is how we often come to try many of our healing products. I also checked out reviews before I tried any CBD products, and this is what I found.

FAB CBD gained my attention because of their overall mission matches mine. To watch a generation of people utilize a preventative health care lifestyle. As someone who works with plant medicine, this mission is important when creating products for mass consumption.

I too was a little lost and confused about where to start with CBD with all the choices available. It can take a bit of trial and error before you find something that works for you. Aligning with a companies mission is a good sign their products are going to address those needs first and foremost.


Similarly, I was looking for products that would help me and my family rely less on western pharmaceuticals and prevent stress that can build into bigger problems later in life. I'm so glad I tried FABCBD first and here is what I found.

FABCBD is definitely geared for the health junkies, fitness gurus, and all those obsessed with living an energized, nutritionally dense, preventative lifestyle. Their products are backed by science, and they love to get nerdy about how CBD can help you and your family.

FAB CBD has essentially three products to choose from which makes choosing much easier. I think this also says something about how much attention they can focus on a small line, making sure quality and care is number one.

The CBD oil drops come in three flavors of mint, citrus, and natural. These drops are made to help induce enhanced overall health and vitality to the body. The taste and aroma are there to enhance the pleasure of using a nutritive product.

CBD Oil Review Summary

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$39 - $129


The results people are getting from the CBD oil have been relieving stubborn pain that they have tried to be rid of with many other products and relief from anxiety, which promotes a better night sleep.

FABCBD Gummies or Chews Review

The other dietary supplement is the CBD gummies. These are made to be a healthy treat that can be taken for nutritive support, recovery support, or just that thing you need that's fun and fast to keep your day going strong.

Often times we will be in a situation where you don't want to announce our health regime. These chews are easy to munch on at work, at school, or even after the gym. Anytime you feel you might need extra support to make it the best day. 

Gummies or Chews Review Summary

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FABDCBD Gummies or Chews

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CBD Gummies or Chews




With the CBD chews they are great for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression which many people are on heavy medications for. It is never recommended by a company to go off medications, but many customers of FABCBD chews say they are able to reduce their heavy does of pharmaceuticals.

FABCBD Topical Pain Cream Review

The third product from FABCBD is the Topical Cream. This is probably the most recognizable product being made with CBD and FABCBD's topical cream is made with premium hemp extract. The scent is a revitalizing blood orange aroma, which sets it apart from medicinal smelling topical creams.

The FABCBD topical cream has relief results ranging from chronic nerve pain, relief from arthritis and bursitis, as well as joint pain and sore muscle relief. There are also many results from taking the oral CBD along with applying topically and using the products in tandem.

If you are interested in FABCBD cream please read FABCBD CBD Topical Pain Cream Review and Coupon

CBD Cream Review Summary

Brand Name:

FABDCBD Topical Pain Cream

Product Type:

CBD Cream




I'm an athlete, and a lot of my preventative injury tactics come from applying inflammation-reducing products to my body. With the FAB CBD topical cream, I would apply this soon after waking up as well as applying directly after a workout. This really worked in keeping post work out inflammation at bay.

I love the chews because it truly feels like you are enjoying a candy or treat instead of taking a supplement. On the other hand, taking the CBD oil makes me feel like I'm getting quality supplemental nutrition and staying on top of my mental health. Their products are made from organic hemp material from Colorado and go through quality and purity checks.



  • High-quality hemp extract is one of their main priorities.
  • Product quality ranks high above many other CBD products out there
  • They promote a preventative lifestyle in companion with taking their products, which keeps in line with a holistic lifestyle
  • Their products are vegan-friendly, and they source from organic and GMO-free hemp. This is a huge plus where many other companies lack.

  • Only have three products available so they might not be able to fit everyone's needs.
  • The pricing is slightly higher than competitors, but this is expected with higher quality.
  • Although proof of testing is provided on the website, it can be hard to understand scientific information.

With that being said, the results are the best representation of the company and its product. If you are experimenting with different products, FABCBD is definitely one to seek out. Ordering was a snap, and many of the reviews onsite gush on what good customer service is provided when needed.

I would recommend this brand to friends and family as a first CBD trying experience. I'm confident they will be able to experience the relief and quality of what they are taking. It is a great set to order all three and see the difference in application and which you like the best.

Going to their website, they often have sales going on, so be sure to continue to check out their site, helpful blog articles, and education page. You definitely get more from this company than just products.


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