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A Comprehensive Users Guide For Using CBD Cream For Pain Management


What is CBD ?

Cannabidiol, which is better known as CBD, is currently gaining massive attention in the medical community. CBD is extracted from cannabis, and contrary to what some people may think, has virtually no psychoactive effects. Because of this, much medical research has been done on CBD, yielding studies that show it is very effective in fields such as pain management. CBD for pain management often utilizes CBD cream and is readily available through online retailers.


What is Pain Management

Pain management is a field of medicine which focuses on alleviated, minimizing and preventing pain. Research shows that people that suffer from acute or chronic pain see a substantial adverse effect on their quality of life. Individuals that suffer from chronic and acute muscle aches, or from conditions such as arthritis, often require effective pain management for them to go about their daily life. Currently, in the field of pain management, the use of CBD pain creams is on the rise as more research shows its effectiveness in reducing inflammation and lowering levels of pain.


How To Use CBD For Pain Management

One of the most popular ways to utilize CBD for pain management is through a CBD-infused cream. Not only is cream that is infused with cannabidiol easy to apply and effective, but it’s also highly convenient for patients as they can carry it around and apply it whenever necessary. Today, more and more businesses have started producing creams infused with cannabidiol, leading to a growing and healthy market that has creams for all different needs and budgets.

The mechanism behind how CBD topical cream works is through how it is absorbed through the skin. Through applying the cream on an area of the body experiencing pain, the cannabinoids found within the cream are transmitting through the skin and into the central regulatory system. From there, the cannabinoids bind to areas of the body which regulate feelings of pain. Also, the cannabinoids are also able to alter body mechanisms to reduce inflammation throughout the body, leading to two pain-reducing effects at once. After application of the cream, these effects begin very quickly.


What Conditions Can CBD Cream Be Used For

Inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, has been shown to be significantly benefited from the use of cannabidiol-infused creams. Arthritis which is a tremendously painful condition that involves inflammations of many joints throughout the body has shown to be significantly improved due to the effects CBD has on inflammation in the body. Research conducted in France has shown that after applying CBD oil a minimum of three times a day over the course of one week was able to improve the levels of pain arthritis sufferers significantly experienced.

Autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, also have research showing improvement from CBD infused creams. Autoimmune diseases often involve the body’s own systems of immunity malfunctioning, leading to degeneration of nerves which can cause pain and numbness. Applications of CBD in areas of the body that are currently feeling pain, tingling or stiffness through a condition such as multiple sclerosis helps in not only reducing inflammation but repairing damage and calming the immune system.

Sports injuries are also known to benefit from CBD infused topical creams. Various sports injuries involving muscles, ligaments and joints can lead to large levels of inflammation and pain. Many times, injuries that are caused by contact-sports and cardiovascular exercises such as running can lead to injuries that may take weeks to heal. Painful injuries that are treated with creams using CBD are able to firstly alleviate the local inflammation experienced at the site of the injury while also lowering the stress response the body exhibits while injured. The double-effect of the cream allows for a lowering of local pain as well as whole-body pain that results from painful injuries.

Considering that CBD topical creams can help users treat a wide range of different conditions from autoimmune disorders to sports injuries, many may wonder about the variations of creams that are currently available. The types of CBD creams that are available differ regarding what products the CBD is infused with. All of the creams use cannabidiol, however to what degree and with what other products, depends on the brand.

What Does CBD Creams Consist Of?

Generally, most creams infused with CBD will utilize natural oils to be mixed in with the cannabinoid. Some typical examples include almond oil, which has a pleasant smell and texture that combines will with cannabidiol. Generally, the oils that are mixed with the cannabinoid are there to make the experience of application more enjoyable for the user. Because of this, oils that are soft in texture, have pleasant smells and allow the cream to last as long as possible are utilized.

Furthermore, the strengths of certain creams will vary significantly from brand to brand. Generally, most creams that are 60mL in total will contain up to 90mg of CBD. A level of CBD in this range is seen as the standard by most, and much of the research conducted into these creams utilized a strength similar to this. However, there are much stronger variations that are available. Just like any pain management medication, the stronger the concentration of CBD, the stronger the effects. Because of this, it is advised that patients start with lower concentrations and then work their way up slowly to stronger levels if they require it.

How To Choose The Right CBD Cream

Choosing the right cream, regardless of concentration is also another factor users have to consider. Certain brands will use imported mixes of cannabis to extract CBD that will be used for their creams. Other brands will exclusively use local cannabis that is grown organically to extract CBD. Although no research shows that one type of cream is better than the other, some patients may feel more comfortable using an organic cream that is made using locally sourced ingredients. The level of variance between the quality of CBD used, and it’s resulting effectiveness is still contested in the medical community. Choosing CBD comes down to what is the best cream for your condition, such as CBD Cream For Arthritis or CBD Cream for back pain, there is some difference between the 2 but as a general rule, a good CBD infused cream will work on all general conditions, so don’t cheap out on the product.

Overall, these creams have lots of research showing it is useful for pain management, whether it be for inflammatory conditions, sports injuries or autoimmune disorders. The pain management benefits of CBD is still relatively unknown and more and more research is being conducted to find out about more potential benefits. Individuals that suffer from painful conditions such as those mentioned in this article may find great relief through using CBD pain creams.


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