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Nov 05, 2018

I’m a retired Marine, after spending 20 years in uniform, romping and stomping all over the globe. Unfortunately, it left me with osteoarthritis in all of my main joints. I was max’ing out my pain meds and didn’t want to have to get doped up with strong narcotics, so I needed to do something.

After taking CBD oil for 2 weeks I noticed a difference and after 2 months I’ve been able to cut my pain meds in half. As I continue to adjust the dosage of CBD, I’m hoping to cut back further on the pain meds or get off them completely.


Sep 25, 2018

After two spinal surgeries and many different types of opiates finally something that works almost instantly!!! Instead of reaching for the pills we go straight to the topical and apply it. Within 5 minutes pain relief is in sight!!! I will never be without this and I will tell everybody I know! No stinky smell, non greasy, not burning or tingling! This stuff is Aaaaammazing!!!

JodyWorks almost instantly!!

Ryan on Nov 02, 2018

I have tried a few different topical oils, creams, and pastes. Of those I have tried, Fab’s has worked the best. It applies easily and has a pleasant smell. I used it on my shoulders. I have chronic pain caused by inoperable conditions. With the cream I am able to minimize the dull pain for a good 8 to 10 hours per application. It doesn’t prevent sharp pains, but I don’t think much does. I also use it on sore muscles, which it does a good job, but more is required for that kind of pain (for me at least).

RyanWorks Great

At 24 years I was told by my neurologist I have arthritis in my neck(he was quite amazed being only 24). 6 years later thanks to specific exercises and turmeric I have better mobility in my neck-from not able to turn or look up to full function. Though, nothing ever REALLY touched the amount of pain I have in my neck after a long day, and definitely nothing that was INSTANT.

I’m not exaggerating when I say within five minutes of application the pain was gone..GONE that’s HUGE! Now being a full time mom, full time student, and full time employee..this is “game changing” as the website says, for me!

Brittany H